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Desire Adolphe

I truly believe Hans that you are a genuine psychic and you are doing a very good job. You truly tuned into me and my energy and gave me positive and informative readings. Well done. You are very honest too. Cheers for that.

Ariane Fritsche

I have had a few readings with Hans, he overwhelms me with his accuracy, honesty and common sense and needless to say I keep going for more as I am inspired by his wisdom and guidance.


This is just a thank you for your help with my healing and allowing me to go forward on my journey.

Greg Tyler

I have known Hans for over 19 years. During that time I have witnessed him being genuine and caring. He has helped people time and again with their healing needs. To top it, he is a damn good psychic too. Good on you Hans.


I enjoyed your vibrating Crystal light bed today. It definitely unblocked me and with your highlights for me to make decisions and choices for my immediate future, I am happy that you put me on the right path.

Janet Arouff

Your intuitive guidance and all of what you told me was spot on. My direction in life is now clear to me. Thank you so much for your guidance. I will be forever grateful.


I was nervous when I first met you. But, you made me feel at ease. I sat and discussed and argued but in the end you made my life a success. Thank you so much for being there to guide me in the right path.


What can I say, thank you so much for the awesome experience! You're the best, a true professional. Now I have peace of mind. You were genuine and honest. I love your crystal lights, they are super. Keep it up Hans.


Thank you for your wisdom and guidance , you went to the heart of the matter. You are brilliant with your crystal lights. You are fantastic to say the least. I admire you !!


Ok, what the heck, I admit it; you are extremely good at what you do ! There I've said it. Hat off to you! I've watched you work and you've showed that you are caring, compassionate and always have nice things to say about everyone. I also like the way you talk with your Swiss accent. You are great !

Hans was delightful! I thoroughly enjoyed my session. He is a very professional and caring soul... I feel great! I recommend you try this!!!

It was a little wild with all the flashing lights however I slept better than I have in literally months after last nights session

Fascinating. Have learned a few things about myself and the direction I am heading.

Go there with an open mind, result are amazing. FAB !

Totally enjoyed the experience. Very professional.