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Hello everybody! Thank you so much for visiting my website.

Born in Switzerland, my original career was as a mechanical engineer. My life changed when I was 25 as I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This incident brought me to further my knowledge into the western medical system and lead me on a journey of discovery.

I decided to do my own research into the causes of these MS like symptoms. This lead me to discover how to reduce the problems associated with the MS like symptoms by about 70%.

I was still not happy with the result and started searching deeper within the metaphysical arts. Finally I discovered this marvelous therapy known as: Colour Light Therapy which I mastered fully and which helped me to recover completly from the symptoms.

I have travelled many regions of the world to study Reiki, Reflexology, Fengshui, Water Therapy and Light and Vibrational Therapy.

Light and Vibrational Healing uses specific wavelengths of light and frequencies of vibrations to re-charge the body Energy Centre (Chakras) and invigorate the Aura. Being a Medium, through Channeling, my Spiritual Guide communicates with me about the improvement or corrections to be made on my patients' Chakras. Furthermore, I have managed to mingle these practices with my clientss treatments and I have seen wonderful results upon them in my clinical practice.

Using my engineering background I have been testing and creating energetic and vibrational healing devices for many years and today these powerful and highly effective lights are being used by all of my patients.

Throughout many years I have been an active member of the VCM Meditation Organization. I am also a member and representative for the National Federation of Healers and a member of the S.H.A.M.A.N Spiritual Healers And Meduims Network. I have participated in many Psychic Workshop and Healing Methodologies in many areas of Australia. I have been invited to do reading psychic TV on Foxtelb and done live and interactive shows with some of the countries Top Clairvoyants and Psychics.

I cannot keep these wonderfull secrets for me alone and I would love to see more and more people starts to experience the benefits that this amazing Light Therapy practice can offer. In fact, the practice of Light Therapy helps to keep the energy in the body flowing freely and properly so that every part of the body can get the Energy that needs to maintain itself, repair and grow stronger there by eliminating most of the body health problems.

To those who would like to see a a real change in their life. To those who care for their health and that of their family, you are warmly welcome to contact me at: