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Find Direction, Clear Blockages, Restore Energy & Health With The Help Of Reiki and Psychic Therapy integrated & Light Energy

Reiki and Psychic Therapy integrated

Through Reiki & Psychic Therapy, boost up your life force energy, purify yourself and enjoy a postive and wonderful life.

If you are Feeling lost, trapped, in a rut, without direction, Overwhelmed, fatigued, lethargic, out of control or simply low on energy. You have come to the right place to help you solve all these hectic problems.

Light Energy

Light Energy is a form of Energy associated with Visible Light. Light is visible to the Human Eyes through our sense of sight. Visible Light have Wavelength in the range of 400-700 Nano meters between the Infra Red (Longer Wavelength) and Ultra Violet (Shorter Wavelength).

Some properties of Visible Light are Intensity, Propagation, Wavelength and Polarisation. Light has different fequencies of radiations known as Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS).

Light moves continuously. It is a Wave and a Particle as well. Light travels in Wave via Photons. The Higher the frequency the more Energy each Photons particles contains.

Light is Energy to the Body. Only Vibrational Energy such as Light can refurbish lost Energy in your Body.

About 90% of Light enters our Body through the Eyes, Skin and Chakras and support the Immune System of our Body. Study has also shown that individuals need to stay thirty minutes of direct sunlight everyday so as to have a Healthy Body. In case there is no sunlight they have to spend two hours of indirect sunlight in order to regain their Energetic source.

Your Energy fields affect your health!

The Human Energy Field or Aura comprises of different Layers of Energy commonly known as Physical, Etherical, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. These Aura Layers vary in Frequency at any moment in time due to the word we speak or the thought we made. Note here that words and thought have very powerful Positive or Negative Energy depending upon our usage.

Our Chakras need always be well calibrated. Any Lost of Energy may result in Trauma and Diseases as a result of no movement or constant movement. The Aura Energy can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine any Imbalance in our Energy Field. Through Light Therapy it is possible to rebalanced the Chakras and help to increase your Energy Level Fast and Naturally.

Light Therapy works with Incredible effectiveness. Would you like to be Happy, Healthy and live a Joyful Life? Please feel free to Contact Me on: hans.peter2006@yahoo.com.au

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